Is Nis Jessen Europe's only artist who paint hands?
It is certainly some German customers who claims.
Countless are the hands, he painted during his 74 years long life - young and old.
It is said that there is nothing within the profession, which is more difficult,
but Nis Jessen says: "It makes it so much more exciting."
"Hands can express almost any emotion, and every hand is unique.
I prefer to paint expressive hands that show lives and not inflated 'rubber gloves'
or hands, similar to wax figures'.
Hands must have life, character, veins, muscles, light and shadow.
 A young couple rang from Germany and asked if I could paint their hands,
they were going to be married the following year.
Preliminary work was made while they were here, and the finished painting they used to invitation cards,
but it also was brought into the church where it stood before the altar during the ceremony.
I was, for example, to a 100 years birthday in my hometown, Toender.
Also present were a little newborn baby.
The 100-year-old and the baby and spoke perfect with each other - and nobody had a tooth in the mouth,
but the artwork I did of their hands, were both very narrative, but also touching.
I called the sunset and sunrise."